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October 2023

1st International Conference,Salem, EnvironmentBiomedical EngineeringNanotechnology and Smart MaterialsEnergy

2nd 5th Euro-Mediterranean Conference for Environmental Integration (EMCEI-2023),Rende, Environment

5th International Conference on  “Functional Material Development for New World,Mahdia, Environment

6th Pure & Applied Sciences International Conference, 06-07 October 2023, Istanbul,Istanbul, EnvironmentBiologyWaste ManagementBiotechnologyEarth SciencesEngineering

11th 6th International Eurasian Conference on Biological and Chemical Sciences (EurasianBioChem 2023),Online, EnvironmentBiologyEcologyHealthBiotechnologyForestry

13th Winning the War on Cancer - The Beljanski Integrative Cancer Conference,Jacksonville, EnvironmentHealthMedicine and Medical ScienceTeaching and LearningOncology

16th 36th PARIS International Conference on "Science, Engineering, Technology & Medical Sciences" (PSETM-23),Paris, EnvironmentBiologyComputingImage ProcessingMilitaryBiotechnology

19th Pure & Applied Sciences International Conference, 19-20 October 2023, Dubai,Dubai, EnvironmentBiologyWaste ManagementBiotechnologyEarth SciencesEngineering

24th WEGNER-20,Sousse, EnvironmentEarth Sciences

27th 2023 8th International Conference on Materials Technology and Applications (ICMTA 2023),Fukuoka, EnvironmentManagementRoboticsSpace Environment and Aviation TechnologyEngineeringArchitecture

31st 13th Workshop on Hyperspectral Image and Signal Processing  Evolution in Remote Sensing,Attica, Environment

November 2023

1st World Recycling convention,Dubai, EnvironmentWaste Management

4th International Conference on Research in Engineering Applications on Multidisciplinary Sectors (CREAMS-2023),Meerut, EnvironmentComputingEngineeringMultidisciplinary StudiesArtificial IntelligenceFood Safety

6th 2023 IEEE INTERNATIONAL WORKSHOP ON Metrology for Agriculture and Forestry,Pisa, Environment

8th Social and Environmental (In)Justice in Discourse and in the Literary/Artistic Imagination,Tunis, EnvironmentEcologyLiteratureLinguistics

15th The SmaCuMed International Conference on Water-Energy-Food-Ecosystem Nexus in the Mediterranean Region (WEFE2023),Marrakech, EnvironmentEcologyWaste ManagementAgricultureWaterNutrition and Dietetics

22nd 2023 12th International Conference on Chemical Science and Engineering (ICCSE 2023),Chiang Mai, EnvironmentWaste ManagementWaterBiotechnologyEngineeringBioinformatics

23rd STRA International Conference on Engineering & Technology, 23-24 November 2023, London,London, EnvironmentBiologyWaste ManagementBiotechnologyEarth SciencesEngineering

23rd 53rd ISTANBUL International Conference on “Advances in Science, Engineering & Technology” (IASET-23),Istanbul, EnvironmentImage ProcessingWaste ManagementWaterBiotechnologyEngineering

24th 2023 3rd International Conference on Smart City and Green Energy (ICSCGE 2023),Hong Kong, EnvironmentWaste ManagementRoboticsInternet and World Wide WebInformation scienceWater

December 2023

1st 6th World Congress on Disaster Management (6th WCDM 2023),Dehradun, EnvironmentInterdisciplinary studiesDisaster Management

6th 3rd International Conference On Innovations and Research in Sciences, Technology, Commerce, Business Management, Social,Darbhanga, EnvironmentManagementBusinessEngineeringSocial Sciences

7th 5th World Conference on Sustainable Life Sciences WOCOLS 2023 CAPPADOCIA,CAPPADOCIA, EnvironmentBiologyGeneticsEcologyWaste ManagementWaterLaw

14th 39th ISTANBUL International Congress on “Science, Engineering & Technology” (IICSET-23),Istanbul, EnvironmentComputingWaste ManagementWaterBiotechnologyBiomedical Engineering

19th STRA International Conference on Engineering & Technology, 19-20 December 2023, Bali,Bali, EnvironmentBiologyWaste ManagementBiotechnologyEarth SciencesEngineering

20th Valorisation des Ressources Naturelles et Biosurveillance 1er SISTA-VRNB,Monastir, EnvironmentBiodiversity

20th 37th BANGKOK International Conference on “Recent Trends in Engineering and Technology” (RTET-23),Bangkok, EnvironmentComputingWaste ManagementBiotechnologyEngineeringBioinformatics

23rd International Conference on Health, Safety & Environment (HSE-2023),Haldia, EnvironmentHealthManufacturingNanotechnology and Smart Materials

January 2024

12th 2024 8th International Conference on Manufacturing Technologies (ICMT 2024),Bangkok, EnvironmentRoboticsSpace Environment and Aviation TechnologyEngineeringArchitectureAnimal Sciences

25th 2024 The 8th International Conference on Civil and Building Materials (ICCBM 2024),Phuket Island, EnvironmentWaste ManagementEngineeringArchitectureSystems EngineeringChemistry

February 2024

9th International Scientific Research Center for Engineering and Smart Energy,Istanbul, EnvironmentBiotechnologyEngineeringArtificial IntelligenceRenewable EnergyNanotechnology and Smart Materials

March 2024

14th New Perspectives in Science Education - 13th Edition,Florence, EnvironmentBiologyEngineeringChemistryRenewable EnergyPhysics

15th 2024 14th International Conference on Future Environment and Energy (ICFEE 2024),Matsue City, EnvironmentBiologyManufacturingWaste ManagementEarth SciencesEngineering

22nd 2024 15th International Conference on Materials and Manufacturing Technologies (ICMMT 2024),Nha Trang, EnvironmentWaste ManagementRoboticsSpace Environment and Aviation TechnologyEngineeringAnimal Sciences

22nd 2024 International Conference on Structural Engineering and Construction Technology (SECT 2024),Nha Trang, EnvironmentWaste ManagementForestryEngineeringEarth SciencesArchitecture

22nd 2024 8th International Conference on Materials Engineering and Nano Sciences (ICMENS 2024),Osaka, EnvironmentRoboticsSpace Environment and Aviation TechnologyEngineeringArchitectureAnimal Sciences

April 2024

9th 2024 11th International Conference on Chemical and Biological Sciences (ICCBS 2024),Sapporo, EnvironmentBiologyWaste ManagementBiotechnologyBioinformaticsBiomedical EngineeringEducation

19th ACM--2024 7th International Conference on Geoinformatics and Data Analysis (ICGDA 2024),Paris, EnvironmentComputingImage ProcessingComputer software and applicationsInternet and World Wide WebInformation science

May 2024

20th 17th World Congress on Environmental Health,Perth, EnvironmentPublic HealthWaterFood SafetyNutrition and Dietetics

June 2024

July 2024

3rd 11th International Conference frm Scientific Computing to Computational Engineering,Loutraki, EnvironmentComputingEngineeringArtificial IntelligenceEnergy

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