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October 2023

4th SSHRA 2023 – Social Science & Humanities Research Association International Conference,Istanbul, SociologySustainable developmentInterdisciplinary studiesCultureArtsPhilosophySocial Sciences

10th The 14th Asian Conference on Media, Communication & Film (MediAsia2023),Kyoto, SociologyLanguageInterdisciplinary studiesCultureArtsArt HistoryInterdisciplinary

13th International conference on “Uniting Social Sciences and Business for Global Impact (SSBGI)”,Dubai, SociologyManagementBusinessInformation scienceBusiness EthicsHuman ResourcesSocial Sciences

14th International Conference on Ecocriticism and Environmental Studies,London, SociologyEnvironmentCulturePhilosophyEcologyLiteratureSocial Sciences

26th Insecurity and the eclipse of enlightenment,Brixen, SociologyPhilosophyArtificial Intelligence

28th Narratives of Displacement International Conference,London, SociologyCultureJustice and legal studiesPhilosophyLiteratureAnthropology

November 2023

6th 8th International conference on Interdisciplinary Research on Education, Economic studies, Business and Social Science,Online, SociologyManagementE-commerceBusinessSocial SciencesEconomicsPolitics

10th STATE (IN)STABILITY  Past, present and future perspectives for the nation state,Zagreb, SociologyInterdisciplinary studiesCultureJustice and legal studiesPhilosophyAnthropology

21st HuSoc London – Humanities & Social Sciences International Conference, 21-22 November 2023,London, SociologySustainable developmentInterdisciplinary studiesCultureArtsPhilosophySocial Sciences

22nd International Congress "Uncertain Landscapes. Beyond Transdisciplinary Approaches",Guimarães, SociologyArt HistoryPhilosophyArtsArchitectureGISInterdisciplinary

26th Ninth Annual Seminar in Social Sciences,Mumbai, SociologyAnthropologyGender studiesEconomicsPoliticsSocial SciencesPsychology

December 2023

17th SSHRA 2023 – Social Science & Humanities Research Association International Conference, 17-18 December, Bangkok,Bangkok, SociologySustainable developmentInterdisciplinary studiesCultureArtsPhilosophySocial Sciences

January 2024

5th 2024 10th International Conference on Humanity and Social Sciences (ICHSS 2024),Nagoya, SociologyLanguageArt HistoryCultureLiteratureManagementSocial Sciences

11th 2024 SoRes Paris – International Conference on Interdisciplinary Research in Social Sciences, 11-12 January,Online, SociologySustainable developmentInterdisciplinary studiesCultureArtsPhilosophySocial Sciences

24th Twentieth International Conference on Environmental, Cultural, Economic & Social Sustainability, University of Aveiro, Portugal + Online,Aveiro, SociologySustainable developmentEnvironmentCultureEcologyPovertyInterdisciplinary

February 2024

3rd International Conference on Film Studies  Identity and Otherness in Film,London, SociologyLanguageArt HistoryCulturePhilosophyLiteratureSocial Sciences

10th Spatiality and Temporality International Conference,London, SociologyArt HistoryCulturePhilosophyLiteratureHistoryRegional Studies

24th International Conference on Gender Studies  Gender and Power,London, SociologyCultureJustice and legal studiesPhilosophyLiteratureAnthropology

April 2024

27th Somewhere in Between  Borders and Borderlands,London, SociologyCultureJustice and legal studiesLiteratureConflict resolutionAnthropology

May 2024

24th Nineteenth International Conference on the Arts in Society, Hanyang University, South Korea + Online,Seoul, SociologyMuseums and heritageInterdisciplinary studiesCultureArtsArt HistoryRegional Studies

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