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March 2024

April 2024

19th International Conference on Advances in Engineering and Medical Sciences (ICAEM) ,Rajahmundry, India Engineering and Technology

25th 2024 International Conference on Nanoelectronics, Nanophotonics, Nanomaterials, Nanobioscience & Nanotechnology,Ernakulam, India Nanotechnology and Smart Materials

25th 4th Annual Pharma GMP and Quality Management 2024,Mumbai Suburban, India HealthMedicine and Medical Science

26th Analytics Global Conference 2024,Kolkata, India Other

26th Pharma Quality Excellence Awards 2024,Mumbai Suburban, India BusinessHealth and Medicine

May 2024

24th ELASIA 2024 Exhibition,Bengaluru, India Other

September 2024

October 2024

3rd International Conference on Computer Science, Industrial Electronics ( ICCSIE ),Mysore, India Computer software and applicationsElectronics and Electric Engineering

3rd International Conference on Global Business, Economics, Finance and Social Sciences ( ICGBEFSS ),Munnar, India Banking and financeBusinessEconomicsSocial Sciences

3rd International Conference on Mechanical Engineering and Electrical Systems ( ICMEES ),Mysore, India Electronics and Electric EngineeringMechanical and Aerospace Engineering

3rd International Conference on Nanotechnology, Renewable Materials Engineering & Environmental Engineering ( ICNRMEEE ),Mysore, India Nanotechnology and Smart Materials

3rd International Conference on Advances in Artificial Intelligence and Computer Science ( ICAAICS ),Mysore, India Artificial Intelligence

3rd International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Production Technology ( ICIEPT ),Mysore, India Engineering and TechnologyEngineering

3rd International Conference on Wearable Technology, Industrial Electronics and Electrical Engineering ( ICWTIEEE ),Mysore, India Electronics and Electric Engineering

3rd International Conference on Global Business, Leadership and Social Sciences ( ICGBLSS ),Mysore, India BusinessLeadershipSocial Sciences

6th International Conference on Pharmaceutical Education and Practice ( ICPEP ),Mumbai Suburban, India Other

15th International Conference on Future and Recent Advances in Mechanical Engineering,Kurukshetra, India Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

November 2024

4th International Conference on Data Science and Communication -2024,Darjiling, India Communications and Media

28th International Conference on Signal processing, Communication and Electronics Engineering ( ICSPCEE ),Kanchipuram, India Electronics and Electric EngineeringCommunications and Media

28th International Conference on Social Science, Humanities and Business Management ( ICSSHBM ),Kanchipuram, India BusinessOther

28th National Conference on Advanced research on Science, Engineering and Technology ( NCARSET ),Kanchipuram, India Engineering and Technology

28th International Conference on Agriculture ( ICAG ),Kanchipuram, India Agriculture

28th International Conference on Fisheries And Aquaculture ( ICFA ),Kanchipuram, India Aquaculture

28th International Conference on Gas, Oil and Petroleum Engineering ( ICGOP ),Kanchipuram, India Other

28th International Conference on Integrated Natural Disaster Management ( ICINDM ),Kanchipuram, India Disaster Management

28th International Conference on Linguistics and English Literature Linguistics ( ICLELL ),Kanchipuram, India EnglishLinguisticsLiterature

28th International Conference on Nutrition & Health ( ICNH ),Kanchipuram, India HealthNutrition and Dietetics

28th International Conference on Re-thinking Gender and Sexuality ( ICRGS ),Kanchipuram, India Sexuality and eroticism

28th World Disability & Rehabilitation Conference ( WDRC ),Kanchipuram, India Disability and Rehabilitation

28th International Conference on Business Management and Social Science ( ICBMSS ),Lonavla, India BusinessSocial Sciences

28th International Conference on Computer Science, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence ( ICCSMLAI ),Lonavla, India Artificial Intelligence

28th International Conference on Environmental, Food, Agriculture and Bio-Technology ( ICEFABT ),Lonavla, India BiotechnologyAgriculture

28th International Conference on Internet of Things, Big Data Analytics and Information Technology ( ICITBDIT ),Lonavla, India Information Technology

28th International Conference on Civil, Mechanical, Production and Industrial Engineering ( ICMPIE ),Lonavla, India EngineeringMechanical and Aerospace Engineering

28th International Conference on Recent advancement in Medical Education, Nursing, and Health Sciences ( ICRAMNH ),Lonavla, India HealthMedical ethicsNursing

28th International Conference on Smart Technology, Electrical and Electronics Engineering ( ICSTEEE ),Lonavla, India Electronics and Electric Engineering

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